Book Gift Ideas for Christmas

christmas book giftsThis year has been a fantastic year for books, and if you have family or friends who love reading, there’s no better Christmas gift. But there’s so much choice out there – I mean, you could literally spend days browsing the shelves and still not make a decision. Of course, many local bookshops and some chain stores have knowledgeable staff who are keen to recommend something, but in case you need a few ideas, here are some suggestions for the perfect literary gift…   

Book: I Saw A Man by Owen SheersI Saw A Man by Owen Sheers

Suspense in book form – a thriller that keeps you reading, desperate to find out what terrible thing is about to happen, as Michael Turner walks through his neighbour’s house…

The Unravelling by Thorne Moore

This book really got to me – a thrilling, fast-paced psychological mystery. I loved the main character and could barely put it down.

Poetry - The Immigration Handbook, by Caroline SmithThe Immigration Handbook by Caroline Smith

This is an incredible, accessible poetry collection that’s also highly topical. A perfect gift for anyone who likes poetry.

My Own Dear Brother by Holly Müller

If you know someone who likes historical fiction, then this is the book for them. Emotive and powerful, it really brings to life the horrors and complexities of living in Nazi-occupied Austria during the Second World War.

My Own Dear Brother thumbHarry Potter and the Cursed Child by J.K.Rowling, John Tiffany and Jack Thorne

I was mildly sceptical about this book. How could anyone replicate the thrill of the Harry Potter series? But it is thoroughly readable and just as gripping, with a plot that meets the quality of all the other Harry Potters.

The Independent Bookshop Returns…

So now I urge you to extract yourself from the internet, forget the ‘A’ word, and go out into the real, magical world of independent bookshops. Only a few years ago, big book stores were losing sales and the bookselling industry was struggling to keep its head above the waters. Now, it seems, there has been a resurgence of people buying actual, physical books in real, physical shops, where you can often meet (and chat to) real people and enjoy the experience of book buying like never before.

book harry potter cursed childHere are a few independent bookshops in Cardiff:

Octavo’s Books in Cardiff Bay

BOOKS Plus in Heath Hospital

The Wellfield Road Bookshop in Roath

Parthian Books have opened The Carnival Bookshop in the city centre, in the run up to Christmas.

What books will you be buying for Christmas?

Please feel free to use the comments section below to recommend any good books, or highlight your own local independent bookshop.

4 thoughts on “Book Gift Ideas for Christmas

  1. I’m into Blake at present (see blog – wordpress!) and the best I’ve read on The Book of Urizen is by Kay & Roger Eason – Thames & Hudson. Urizen is his symbol for the Super-Ego or discriminative mind.
    Two excellent books about solitude and loneliness: Solitude by Anthony Storr and Loneliness & Love by Clarke E Moustakas. One for Buddhists (not for beginners!) Moon in a Dewdrop. North Pine Press.

  2. I have read “The Unravelling” and was hooked from the outset. I shall certainly be giving copies of it to friends and family this Christmas!

  3. I am a Whole Load of Nothing and Other Heart Warming Tales by Tom Sinclair, available in the Anarchist bookshop, Whitechapel, London. Sunshine By Melissa Lee-Houghton, and Take Your experience and Peel It by Mab Jones, both available in bookshops with any sense

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