Remembering through Poetry

It’s getting to that time of year again, when we remember. It seems too far away, and yet we’re separated from the First World War by a thin strip of time, merely a generation. My Grandma remembers her father talking about his own experiences in the war. It’s easy to forget, vital to remember, and sometimes poetry can help.   

As part of my MA, I’ve been studying the poetry of Wilfred Owen, one of Britain’s most popular war poets, whose work depicted the realities of life on the front line using powerful imagery to shock and warn. They still do so today.

In addition to Remembrance Day, numerous events and activities have been held to mark this four-year centenary and, next week in Cardiff, there’s one very special event – a poetry writing workshop based on the experiences of nurses during the war.

Molly Case

Molly Case

This writing workshop will be led by nurse and poet Molly Case, drawing inspiration from nurses’ diaries, scrapbooks and photograph albums from the RCN archive.

*This event took place in October, but a similar event is running again on 6th December – see the eventbrite details here*

Creative Writing Workshop: Molly Case in Cardiff
Wed 18 October 2017
14:30 – 16:00

The First World War placed many ordinary nurses into extraordinary circumstances, on the front line and at home. In 2017, thanks to a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund, the RCN Library & Archive is making these nurses’ diaries, scrapbooks and photograph albums available to a wider audience.

In this 90 minute poetry writing workshop, led by nurse and poet Molly Case, we will be exploring the theme of ‘A Sense of Place.’ Using the familiar nursing assessment, ABCDE, we will use all our senses and skills in examination, Look, Listen and Feel, to bring to life homes we have known, places we have passed through and landscapes that mean something to us, taking time to craft them into poems.

The event is free!

Book on Eventbrite, or turn up on the day.

Location: Royal College of Nursing Wales HQ, Ty Maeth, King George V Drive East, Cardiff, CF14 4XZ, 0345 337 3368


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