Upcoming Literary Festivals & Events

Mark Curtis reading at the Square Writers Open Mic NightIt’s been nearly a year since I first decided to create a book blog (on 23rd January 2016), and what a year it’s been! I’ve read and reviewed some thrilling and beautiful books, interviewed some interesting writers, discovered some thought-provoking poetry and attended some fabulous festivals…   

So I’ve decided that in 2017 I’ll start creating more posts about upcoming literary festivals and events, where you’ll be able to read about them in advance and attend them yourself. Here are some of the posts I’ve created so far:

If you’re keen on attending literature festivals, you might find this post helpful – a list of five useful websites for finding literary festivals in the UK.

Events in Cardiff

If you’re based in Cardiff, click here for a list of all the regular literary events, creative writing workshops, open mic nights etc to be found in Wales’ most magnificent literary capital.

Or, for details of regular writing groups or workshops that meet in Cardiff, click here.

Literary Festivals in Wales

You’ll have heard of the Hay Festival, but there are lots of other, smaller (but still just as interesting) literary festivals taking place around Wales in 2017…