Writing Workshops

I can offer the set workshops listed below, and am equally happy to develop bespoke writing workshops, so please do contact me if you have any suggestions or to negotiate a fee (my email is rachel@createdtoread.com).creative writing workshop Rachel Carney

  • Creative Writing: Inspiration from Art (2 hours)
  • An Introduction to Blogging (2 hours)
  • An Introduction to Book Blogging (2 hours)
  • How to Create a Writer’s Website (2 hours)
  • Creative Writing Inspired by the Poetry of Edward Thomas (2 hours)

I have several years’ experience of planning and delivering learning activities for adults, and for children of all ages, including special interest or community groups. I have developed learning activities on a wide range of topics, including creative writing, storytelling, local history and literacy, and run a monthly community writing workshop (From Paint to Page: An Ekphrastic Writing Group) at The Gate Arts Centre.

I am currently completing an MA in Creative Writing with Manchester Writing School, and have recently completed an elective module on teaching creative writing. I studied English Literature and Creative Writing at the University of Wales, Aberystwyth, where I gained a First-class honours degree in 2006. Since then I have also completed a short, accredited course in teaching adults (Preparing to Teach in Post Compulsory Education and Training).

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Testimonials from members of the monthly writing group:

I like the structure of the session… We get a lot in but it doesn’t seem like a rush. I like reading the poems and discussing them – gradually seeing more in both the poem and the picture. I have enjoyed discovering new poets, or ones I have vaguely heard of but not read much of, and I follow them up after the session”

“The atmosphere is welcoming and the format, of discussing a poem/related imagery at the start before seeking inspiration from the walls of The Gate gently shifts the mindset to being ready to be inspired. By the time we are writing to whatever art has caught our eye, the exchanges about the sample pieces has opened the mental flow to receive ideas. And the extent to which the individual writers ‘lose themselves’ in the picture they are inspired by, or express their customary personal inclinations/style through the filter of the chosen prompt image is always intriguing. I have my own ‘drive’ as a writer but attend workshops to see what comes of it. And what comes is writing that would not/could not exist without the spark the sessions provide.”

“I’m always impressed with the research done before the session- I learn about poets and artists as well as improve my writing.”

Testimonials from attendees of a recent workshop ‘Creative Writing: Inspiration from Art’:

“I enjoyed the use of art to act as a stimulus to writing, and the use of questions to springboard work as it took me in unexpected directions. Really enjoyed it, thank you!”

“Really good session, great to learn new techniques I can use personally and professionally. The questions method in a limited time got me thinking very differently.”

Testimonials from attendees of a recent workshop ‘An Introduction to Blogging’:

“A good overview to get me thinking.”

“All of it was very useful, especially the examples shown.”

ekphrastic creative writing workshop