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How to Start a Book Blog

Have you ever thought about creating your own book blog? Or maybe you’ve considered putting together an official ‘writer’s website’ to market your own published books? It’s not as complicated as it sounds. I’ve done it, and so have thousands of other people, so why not give it a try, using my brand new, super helpful guide to book blogging…

My blog emerged out of boredom. I had spare time, and nothing much to do (or so I thought) and my friend often talked about her own adventure blog, and it sounded so fun! And then, one day, I complained that I was bored and she suggested that I should start a blog of my own.

Small problem – I’d no idea how to do this. I had read maybe one or two blogs in my entire life, and didn’t even know what they were for. Why do people read them? Why would you write one? So I started trawling the internet in search of anything that might help answer my questions, and so many other questions arose… What kind of blog should I create? Should I invest money in this? And what did I hope to achieve?

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My main reason for starting a blog was to learn some new skills (that might look good on my CV) and to fill my time with an interesting project, something achievable and constructive. I never imagined the other benefits that would come my way, as I began to enjoy writing again, to connect with like-minded people, and to get work published in magazines.

My new book How to Start a Book Blog: A Step by Step Guide takes readers through the whole process of creating a book blog, from working out what kind of blog will suit your purpose and creating social media accounts, to choosing a hosting site and finding the best theme for your blog. It also contains invaluable advice on everything from search engine optimisation to getting free books.

Not only that, I’m also publishing a series of interviews with book bloggers, providing an insight into how they got started, and advice to new bloggers.

Here’s an outline of what’s included in the book:

Chapter 1: Which Kind of Book Blog?

Consider the different kinds of book blogs, and decide which one will work best for you.

Chapter 2: The Research Stage

Begin to research other book blogs, think about your audience, pick a name for your blog and choose a hosting site.

Chapter 3: The Planning Stage

Choose your blog’s theme, plan your structure and create social media accounts.

Chapter 4: Preparation & Search Engine Optimisation

Start creating content, plan your launch and consider search engine optimization.

Chapter 5: Content Creation

Create pages, start writing book reviews and try writing other kinds of posts such as an author interview or listings page.

Chapter 6: Some Useful Tips

Useful tips on various topics including how to get hold of free books, blog maintenance, formatting images, the virtual blog tour and how to make money from your book blog.

Download a FREE extract of the book here.

You can BUY the book as a paperback or an ebook.

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