Book Gifts for Christmas – Something for Everyone

christmas book-gifts

Christmas is coming (along with a good month or so of packed out shops and traffic jams) so this year I have five book gift suggestions for you – something to suit everyone, including some historical fiction, an exceptional thriller, and the perfect book-shaped stocking filler.

Let the book buying commence…

The Plankton Collector by Cath Barton

The Perfect Stocking-Filler

The Plankton Collector by Cath Barton is short but beautiful, surreal yet comforting, following the mysterious ‘plankton collector’ as he comes alongside each member of a family to support them in a time of intense grief and emotional upheaval. It’s the perfect stocking filler, and can be read in one sitting.
Something for Historical Fiction Fans

Albi by Hilary Shepherd is a carefully crafted tale, revealing the effects of the Spanish Civil War on young Albi and his extended family. We also see Albi as an elderly man, many years later, still dealing with the pain and confusion of that time. It is intense, moving and memorable.
Book - Albi by Hilary Shepherd

A Thrilling Gift

The Golden Orphans by Gary Raymond draws you into a surreal Cypriot world of sunshine, idyllic scenery and night-clubs. We follow the protagonist, a young artist grieving for his mentor and friend, as he gradually uncovers the story of the golden orphans, and the ghost city of Famagusta.
An Unlikely Gift

The Unlikely Heroics of Sam Holloway by Rhys Thomas is a beautifully written, heartfelt story, which manages to be both hilarious and tragic at the same time. We follow the exploits of Sam Holloway – super hero by night and loner by day. When he meets Sarah, things begin to change, and Sam’s tragic past is gradually revealed.
The Unlikely Heroics of Sam Holloway

A Book-Geek Gift

Do you have a friend who loves reading, reviewing books on Amazon or Goodreads and recommending them to everyone they meet? How to Start a Book Blog: A Step by Step Guide is the perfect Christmas gift for anyone who loves reading and reviewing books, providing everything they need to set up their own book blog, including tips on how to get free books, how to write book reviews and how to tackle search engine optimisation.
How to Start a Book Blog

Wrapped up…

And here’s a final suggestion, in a year when nearly everyone has been shocked and saddened by the revelation of just how much plastic is floating around our oceans, and the effect this has on wildlife… This year, to save on plastic waste, why not use wrapping paper that can be recycled (try to avoid metallic wrapping paper) or even wrap your Christmas parcels in brown paper, adding a flare of tradition and sophistication to your tree!