Christmas Gifts for Historical Fiction Fans

christmas book-giftsIt’s nearly Christmas and you may well be searching for some book recommendations – something that will make the perfect gift for your bookworm friend. If you know someone who loves historical fiction, then take a look at my top five suggestions below, and click on the title to read a full review…   


1) Do Not Say We Have Nothing by Madeliene Thien

Set mainly in China, and stretching across three generations of two families, this is an epic tale which brings to life the restrictive realities of living under communism, alongside the beauty and power of literature and music.Falling creatures by Katherine Stansfield

2) Falling Creatures by Katherine Stansfield

This novel is based on a genuine unsolved murder mystery from the untamed landscape of Bodmin Moor, with intriguing characters and a thrilling, gothic twist. The sequel should be out soon too!

3) The Essex Serpent by Sarah Perry

Although it is set in 1893, this book has a contemporary feel to it, with an unusual plot that deals head-on with controversial issues such as the role of women and mental health.

4) The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

Not what you imagine at all – this book plays with the boundaries of fiction, and deals with the surreal nature of reality. A gift for someone who likes an emotional, intense and thought-provoking read, set in Germany during the Second World War.

The Essex Serpent by Sarah Perr5) The Muse by Jessie Burton

A novel set in both 1930s Spain and 1960s London, with a plot that makes you keep on questioning, even after the book has finished. It plays with ideas of authorship, and how people are perceived by others – the perfect gift for a writer or artist.

Please do add your own historical fiction recommendations below…

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