An International Storytelling Festival

Performer at Beyond the Border Storytelling FestivalStorytelling is an ancient skill which dates back to the days before writing. And it is a dying art. I was fortunate enough to attend a three-day storytelling training workshop a few years ago, organised by Beyond the Border and taught by Jamie Crawford. I had totally underestimated the capacity of the human mind to remember. Previously, I had only ever told a story with a book in my hand, but Jamie Crawford taught us that storytelling is not as difficult as you might think.   

Everyone tells stories every day, without even realising it. When you explain why you were late, when you describe a good film or recommend a book, when you rant about your busy day in work, or reminisce about your school days, you are telling a story. You are picking the right words, altering your voice, repeating a line that you may have used before, entertaining your audience, using gestures, making people laugh.

Beyond the Border Storytelling FestivalBeyond the Border organises a full weekend of storytelling every two years. It started in 1993, as a way of celebrating storytelling in all its forms, and takes place at the stunning St Donats Castle, by the sea (approximately 20 miles from Cardiff).

According to their website, interwoven with all the storytelling, there will be music, poetry, theatre, circus acts and more. It is a place where you can be thoroughly entertained by expert storytellers from around the world, but you can also join in and perform your own work. You can camp on site, or turn up for an evening of entertainment. You can bring the kids, or come by yourself.

I’ve never been to the festival itself, but this year I will be attending (the dates are 1st-3rd July) and I’m looking forward to experiencing something unique and exciting. If you’re interested, take a look at their website to find out more.Music and theatre as well as storytelli