Interview with a Book Blogger: Katie Scott

Book Blogger - Katie ScottBook bloggers are fascinating people, and they each have their own individual story. I’ll be posting a series of interviews with fellow book bloggers, to find out how they began blogging, what they look for in a good book, and what advice they wish they’d had when they first started. This week we hear from Katie Scott, who blogs about crafts (cross stitch, knitting etc) as well as books…   

Q1) Please introduce yourself – How long have you been blogging? What’s the name of your blog? What made you decide to start a book blog?

My name is Katie and I blog over at Blooming Fiction. I’ve been on the blogging scene for 2 years and am completely addicted to reading and crafting. I began blogging to get some more writing experience and it’s stuck till this day. Reading new authors and discovering amazing plots is an amazing hobby to have and it gives me joy every time I find new characters to fall in love with.

Q2) What book are you currently reading? Why did you choose to read this particular book?

At the moment I’m reading Absent In The Spring by Carrie Elks. It’s an upcoming release which is the third book in a series called The Shakespeare Sisters. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed Elk’s previous books so it was a no brainer that I’d pick the next book in the series.

book - absent in the springQ3) What are the top 3 characteristics you look for in a good book?

There’s so many things I look for but to narrow it down … I look for originality, the reality of the story and relatable characters. Without these I find it hard to be absorbed by the story.

Q4) What motivates you to keep blogging about books?

I just love reading! I’ve been hooked on reading since nursery ( pre school ) and me and my mum made reading time every Sunday in our favourite armchair. This is a special quiet time I hope to pass on to my little girl.

Q5) What one piece of advice do you wish you’d had when you first started book blogging?

Don’t be a sheep. When I first started out I tried everything I could to ‘fit’. Obviously it wasn’t working because I was trying to be someone else. Since producing content and a look that fits me I’ve been a much happier blogger and now 2 years later I’m starting to see some results.

Q6) What’s your most popular blog post?

My most popular blog post by a long shot is a book review of The Woman On The Orient Express. I wrote it ages ago but it’s still one of the most popular by a long shot.

Thanks Katie!

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