Poems, Publications, Exhibitions

My debut poetry collection Octopus Mind was published by Seren Books in July 2023.


1st Prize: Pre-Raphaelite Society Poetry Competition (2021), nominated for the Forward Prize

2nd Prize: Bangor Poetry Competition (2021)

Highly commended:

Liverpool Poetry Prize (2021)

DAC Creative Word Award (2022)


Ware Poets Open Competition (2021 – two poems)

Cheltenham Poetry Festival Competition (2021)

Welsh Poetry Competition (2019)


Bridport Prize (2019 and 2020) Gloucestershire Poetry Society Open Competition (2021) Hammond House Publishing Prize (2021)


Mslexia Poetry Competition (2021) Yeovil Prize (2022) Paper Swans Pamphlet Prize (2022) AUB Poetry Prize (2022) Bedford Writing Competition (2021) Indigo Dreams Pamphlet Competition (2017)

Poems in Magazines and Journals…

‘A humble cloak placed on the back of a donkey and made out of fragments of cloth’ in The Interpreter’s House (issue 81)

‘Embrace’ in Obsessed with Pipework (Issue 104 – 2023)

‘eye / reflections’ a poem-collage in Ink Sweat and Tears (2023)

‘Instinct’ in The Alchemy Spoon (Issue 9 – 2023)

‘Learning to Play’ and ‘Perhaps Dyspraxia is Sand’ in Confluence (Issue 14 – February 2023)

‘Him’ in Imposter Lit (Vol 2. issue 3, 2023) – inspired by Kim Moore

‘Sorry’ in Poetry Wales (Vol. 58 no.1 – Summer 2022)

‘Hover’ and ‘Wish’ in London Grip (Winter 2021)

‘Blue Nude’ in Raceme (autumn/winter 2021)

‘The Blather’ in Poetry Wales (vol.57 no.1 – July 2021)

‘Fledge’ in Anthropocene (July 2021)

‘Advice’ & ‘Today, I am a Goose’ in Under the Radar (issue 27, 2021)

‘Legerdemain’ in Scintilla (issue 24, 2021)

‘I am trying not to write a poem about you’ in One Hand Clapping (2021)

‘It’s Bonfire Night again’ – in The Bangor Literary Journal (issue 13, 2020)

‘He is impervious to rain‘ – in the Blue House Journal (issue 3, 2020)

‘Crow’ – in Wales Arts Review (2020)

‘New Year’s Eve’ – in Riggwelter (issue 27 – 2020)

Two poems – in Envoi (Spring 2020)

Two poems – in The Lampeter Review (issue 17 – 2019)

Three poems – in Poetry Salzburg Review (Summer 2019)

‘The Starry Night’ – in Black Bough Magazine (2019)

‘In a Forest near Strömsund, Sweden’ – in Atrium (2019)

‘This Muted Shade’ – in The New Welsh Review (issue 120 – 2019)

‘Slowing Down’ – in The Cardiff Review (2019)

‘Survival’ – in Acumen (94 – 2019)

‘Fate’ – in The Ekphrastic Review (2018)

‘Coming Home’ – in Ink Sweat and Tears (2018)

‘Growing into Myself’ – in The Open Mouse (2017)

Two Poems – in The High Window (2016)

My poems have also appeared in the The Waxed Lemon, Marble Poetry broadsheet, Here Comes Everyone, Abergavenny Small Press Literary Journal, Dust Poetry Magazine, The Crank, The Phare, Poetry and Covid, Sarasvati, Visual Verse (Freedom and Turning Point), and i am not a silent poet. I’ve had haiku published in The Wales Haiku Journal and The Seashores Haiku Journal, and a sequence of four poems & photographs was published in Exclamat!on: An Interdisciplinary Journal. One poem & three visual pieces appeared in ‘Here I Am’ an International Open Exhibition at Art in the Attic, curated by Sharon Magill.

Anthologies, Residencies and Commissions

My poem ‘Yellow’ featured in Gwrthryfel / Uprising: An anthology of radical poetry from contemporary Wales edited by Mike Jenkins, published by Culture Matters (May 2022)

One of my poems features in NeurodiVERSE – an anthology of poems on the theme of neurodiversity (Flapjack Press 2022).

Ten poems were published as part of a Poet in Residence project at the Cynon Valley Museum (June 2020), responding to images from their online exhibitions.

Two of my poems were translated into Italian for the bilingual anthology Correnti Incrociate published by Mosaique Press (June 2021), and two more were translated for the second anthology Correnti Incrociate 2, published in 2022. I’ve also had two poems translated into Romanian for the Curente La Ruscruce anthology, also published by Mosaique Press.

A 15 minute long audio piece: ‘Metamorphosis: A Creative / Critical Response to Strangeland by Tracey Emin’ was commissioned for Episode 8 of the Looking at Femininity Sympodcast in May 2021.

A poem was commissioned by Voluntary Arts Wales (now called Creative Lives) for the ‘My Creative Time’ anthology (2021) for which I also delivered a creative writing workshop.


1st October to 30th November 2023 – an interactive display of poetry-objects titled ‘What Are You Looking For?’ at the West Wall Gallery, Urban Crofters.

6th September to 6th November 2022 – as part of my PhD research, my interactive poetry display at Amgueddfa Cymru – Museum Wales invited visitors to respond to artwork through the medium of poetry.

In February 2023 I took part in a collaborative exhibition ‘Encountering Rome’, at the British School in Rome, funded by the SWWDTP. I created an interactive collage and performed a found poem, responding to Rome and it’s multilayered history.

In 2018 I was commissioned to produce an exhibition of photographs and poems – Crossing Points – by the madeinroath community arts festival, exploring ideas of belonging, connection and dislocation within a shared urban environment.

Crossing Points - Rachel Carney poems and photos

Quote from Timothy Wynne’s review of madeinroath, printed in The Cardiff Times, 2018.

‘Crossing Points’ explores how poetry can exist beyond both page and performance and instead intervene in its surroundings. This works particularly well as the relationship between the photographs and poems are as symbiotic as they get… responding to each other in real time. The poems are realistic windows into the community… Carney masters the art of contrast, much like the photos themselves…