The Writer’s Website: How to Reach Readers and Sell More Books

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These days most writers have some kind of online presence, whether it’s a simple Facebook Page, a more complex website or a blog. In fact, it’s fairly simple to create a website from scratch, and provide a few links to published work. But getting people to actually visit your website can be extremely difficult. For a start, you need the search engines to recognise it and bring it up in search results, and that’s no easy feat. It takes time… Fortunately, I’ve written a book which provides all the tips you need to create a simple website which will help you reach out to new readers – the perfect base from which to promote and sell your books.

Search Engines prefer websites which regularly post new content. And readers prefer that too. Blogs are the perfect way to create writer’s websites which will be search engine friendly. They can also be used to give old websites a fresh new look, and generate a new audience. There are many types of book blogs, and the first chapter of my book describes each different type in detail, with examples. For writers, creating a blog is the perfect way to add regular content to their website, increasing search engine rankings at the same time.

An Example

Christina Thatcher is a poet who regularly adds blog posts to her website in the form of ‘news’ items. Take a look at this one – about becoming Poetry Editor of The Cardiff Review. It’s a really simple blog post which describes a significant recent event related to her writing work. It includes interesting links and a photo, and probably didn’t take very long to write. She may only write a blog post every month or so, but each one will help her search engine rankings and make her website more engaging for readers.

How to Start a Book Blog: A Step by Step Guide is the perfect handbook for writers who wish to create a simple, search engine friendly website with regular content. It provides step by step guidance on:

How to Start a Book Blog

  • How to improve search engine rankings
  • How to write different types of blog posts: the book review, the author interview, the guest post, the events post, the listings post
  • How to come up with an effective name & design for your website
  • Using widgets and plug-ins
  • Using Facebook and Twitter
  • Using Amazon and Goodreads
  • Security and Maintenance
  • Formatting and Using Images

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Do you have an existing author’s website which doesn’t seem to get any views? Have you considered adding a blog to create fresh and interesting content on a regular basis? How to Start a Book Blog: A Step by Step Guide will give you the tools you need to start blogging and reach out to new audiences.

Or perhaps you are a writer who hasn’t yet got to grips with the online world? This book will guide you through the world of social media and help you engage with your readers.

Here are a few quotes from some of the reviews I’ve received on Amazon:

“Very clear and easy to follow. I found it really helpful.”

an extremely well thought-out guide to getting started with a blog

A really useful guide – clear, well-written and knowledgeable.”

a great tool and an enjoyable read

I can also run workshops on blogging for writers.